& Bar Brand

Bring your concept and story to life
through your branding.



It takes far more than a logo to create a brand, we will create branding that helps to bring your concept to life.

This part of the creation process usually pairs with the concept development team and or kitchen & bar design team. Our in-house designers deliver a basic or full brand design package together with brand guide ensuring a cohesive and seamless reproduction of the new concept and brand.

Having designers work together with the same team that came up with a concept really makes a difference to the quality of the identity. Including this ingredient to the creative mix right from the beginning means that the final logo and branding is going to be as close to the essence of the project as you can get.

Visual Communication should stand out but not shout.

HKB F&B Branding

Expect a logo and visual identity system informed by your brand strategy and designed for longevity.

HKB brand guide packages include applications relative to each specific project. The extended brand guide can cover everything from signage to uniform suggestions.

Each project has different requirements, sometime digital, sometimes print or architectural, it’s up to you our client what gets included. A full basic guide is always provided so as to ensure the correct reproduction of the logo or brand in other instances not covered by the guide.

Basic Branding Package can include;

  • Naming
  • Mood
  • Logo Design
  • Basic Brand Guide
  • Palette
  • Basic Stationary
  • 2 Project Specific Brand Applications
  • Menus & Menu Board Concepts

Having all of our creative team honed on the same goal and strategy makes for an image and brand that will fit your concept like a glove.