If a guest asks, “Where’s the best restaurant in town?” The
answer should always be “Here!”

Rainer Zinngrebe

Principal, Chef & Author.

Rainer established HKB Designs a global independent Food and Beverage Consultancy Group in September of 2020.

Prior to establishing HKB Designs, Rainer has had an illustrious 40-year career, full of awards and recognition. During the ten years in his role as Global Vice President, Culinary Corporate Chef,  he headed Global Food & Beverage design and development, kitchen and bar designs, including the establishment of all corporate kitchen design standards for MILUX, restaurant and bar concept development, food and beverage strategy and positioning, as well as execution, for The Ritz-Carlton Company Globally from 2011 to 2017 and the entire portfolio of MILUX (Marriott International Luxury) brands from 2017 to 2020.

Contact:   [email protected]

Books :
Small Bites, Big Taste
Beyond Fusion: A New Look at Ethnic Influences on Contemporary Cooking

Roger Millet

Commercial Kitchen Expert & Partner

Roger, son of a restaurateur, developed a passion for the culinary field from an early age. In 1988, due to this interest and as an entrepreneur, he initiated a manufacturing company focused on custom made kitchen equipment and food service areas. This knowledge has allowed him to participate in countless projects over more than 30 years,  acquiring outstanding experience and specialization in the design of F & B areas.

His capacity for analysis and focus on the abstract, allow him to solve projects minimizing investment and maximizing efficiency in energy use, flows, times and movements, resulting in significant savings that contribute to financial success.

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Tommaso Cardana

OS&E Specialist – Partner

Tommaso graduated in Business Administration in Milan, Italy. He then moved to Caracas, Venezuela to complete a Master’s Degree Program. In Caracas he began his food service and hospitality industry career, managing the Latin American markets for an Italian manufacturer of kitchen supplies. Subsequently, he moved to Miami in 2001 where he grew the presence of the brand for the North American Markets.

Living in Florida, he recognized the lack of higher end service and products selections for restaurant operating supplies offered in the US. In 2008 Tommaso founded Tomson Hospitality, aiming to provide the hospitality industry with increased options and a new boutique approach to supplying hotels, restaurants and the cruise ship industry.

He has established valuable relationships with manufacturers globally and has visited most their factories, trade shows and  other industry events, which gained him the US Ambassadorship of HOST Milan, globally one of the most recognized industry trade shows. This wide experience enables him to bring innovative options and in-depth knowledge to hospitality establishments throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East and  the Cruise Line market. As part of HKB-Designs Tommaso is a valuable resource that understands not only the selection criteria, but also the supply chain management and all that is involved to ensure seamless coordination with procurement organizations.

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Sonnett Malan

OS&E Specialist

Sonnett began working at the original Jaleo by José Andrés in Washington, DC in 2001 and accepted her first management position 2002 at Jaleo Bethesda. She continued working for the next 6 years, opening, and managing assorted Think Food Group concepts in the DC area alongside world renowned Chef José Andrés and team.  In 2007, Sonnett took a new opportunity, joining the Eat Good Food Group team in Old Town, Alexandria to reopen the historic landmark restaurant, The Majestic.  She worked with acclaimed Chef Cathal Armstrong and award-winning Mixologist Todd Thrasher to bring this charmed establishment back to life.

In 2010, newly engaged and ready for an adventure, Sonnett relocated to Miami Beach and joined Chef Mark Vidal and team, managing Solea at the newly opened W Hotel South Beach.  In 2011, Sonnett was recruited to join the opening team at St. Regis Bal Harbour as the AGM of for Jean-Georges’ J&G Grill.

In 2013 Sonnett joined Tomson Hospitality, specializing in design, development and distribution, opening upscale restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs all over the US and since September 2020 is part of the HKB-Designs creative team.

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Beverage Consultant
Founder, CEO – Elis Adams Group

Chris Adams was born in Florida and spent his formative years in the hospitality industry working his way up The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. After growing up in the entertainment industry, Adams founded Ellis Adams Group (EAG) as an international hospitality consulting firm. The group focuses on all aspects of businesses, including building brands, concept and design development, training, management, revenue generation, and profit margin increases. The hospitality firm’s current project list is dynamic and constantly growing, with over 100 active ventures underway around the globe.


Beverage Consultant
Senior Vice President of Development – Elis Adams Group

Jason Sanders started working in hospitality as a teenager, progressing from restaurants to casual bars to fine dining before landing with The Ritz-Carlton, taking on progressively more challenging roles, leading every aspect of Food & Beverage in multiple top-performing hotels.  Sanders then joined the Marriott International Global Operations team, where he led broader Restaurant and Bar (R+B) strategy projects and spearheaded new R+B concept development, creating innovative, relevant offerings in new and renovated hotels throughout the full-service and luxury segments of the portfolio.  He draws on his operational background and passion for all aspects of the beverage world, approaching EA client and partner relationships from a unique perspective.

Jane Tait

Graphic Design & Brand Specialist

A multi-disciplined and imaginative design professional, with over twenty years of experience in the creative industry. Her main areas of expertise are;

Brand development / Concept Design/ Branding / Graphic Design/ Illustration/ Surface Design

She has lived and worked as a professional designer in Scotland, Slovenia, Italy and Mexico. Jane’s initial degree was in interior design, she then went on to do a post grad in Electronic imaging. Her first job was in television doing animation and special effects, which lead her to the to web design then eventually print. Jane now specializes in Logo design and Brand work. Her scope of experience, culture, language and her original degree in Interior Design makes Jane a unique resource across the creative board. Her knowledge of design, all of which she acquired in Italy she says, not in art school, assures style and elegance with attention to detail.

With a more recent MBA from the Universidad Del Medio Ambiente, Mexico, in Sustainable Business, Jane also brings to the table a deep understanding of what sustainable means.

Jane is passionate about design, be it Interior, Graphic or products, “everything is design, be it by mother nature or us it’s designed.”

Contact: [email protected]

Paola Millet

OS&E Specialist – Administrative

Paola graduated as an Industrial Designer in 2020. She is passionate about design in all its aspects, as well as materials and their different possibilities.

As part of her academic formation, she worked in artisans workshops and participated in different courses such as ceramics, both in Mexico and Italy.  Thanks to her father’s interests, she was involved in the gastronomic world at an early age and in 2021 she joined the HKB-Designs team.

Her background with materials and gastronomic experiences have helped her build a criteria enabling her to collaborate in the selection process of OS&E, as well as in the administration and follow up of projects.

Contact: [email protected]