Restaurant &
Bar Concept

Every restaurant and bar should be a financial success.



Rule No.1  Don’t start designing or building a restaurant / bar until you have well researched concepts done by the best people.

Before you start designing a restaurant, bar, club or hotel, you should answer the following questions with yes before spending a small fortune on designs and designers.

  • Have you established your financial operating top line and bottom line goals?
  • Have you done market research to know what type of restaurant / bar you should create in your space to improve your chances of success to succeed with your financial goals?
  • Based on this market research have you developed a documented concept that outlines operational intent, desired look and feel and potential programming?
  • Once the answers to the above are “yes”, engage a restaurant/bar specialist interior design firm, a food service consultant with hands on operational experience and your odds for success will be in your favor.

There are many other questions that need to be asked and answered before, in-between and around these examples and we are here to help you with all of them.

We can’t guarantee 100% financial success, but we can help you change the odds from “20/80 to 80/20”


Concept Development for New Build & Restaurant and Bar Renovations


HKB Designs will listen to you, adding our industry specific knowledge of local markets, how restaurant and bars operate both on their own and within the confines of a hotel to make your project our joint financial success. We are your partner from Ideation to Operation.

  • Market Research, Insights and Competitor Analysis
  • Concept and Original Story Direction
  • Branding Direction
  • Interior Design Inspiration & Direction
  • Food & Beverage Inspiration & Sample Menus
  • Operating Supplies and Equipment Inspiration


Current Concept Evaluation

  • Market research, competitor analysis
  • Operation review including P&L statement
  • Kitchen & Bar equipment and layout review
  • Summary of findings and recommendations