Kitchen & Bar
Food Service

You can’t power a fast car with a poorly designed engine, same goes for restaurants. You will need the right kitchen and the right bar food service design to achieve your operating goals.



We design Commercial kitchens, bars and support areas with the eyes of an operator.

HKB-Designs understands what it takes to create efficient kitchen and bars. We take into consideration operational needs, interactions and dependencies of spaces, incorporate corporate brand standards, and work with your team and interior designers to ensure operational flow is optimized.

Since the two least controllable cost factors are labor and energy and we will always design spaces that drive efficiencies in those areas.  HKB Designs will also take a leading role in coordinating front of house kitchens and bars with interior designers, lighting consultants and architects.

40 years of hands on operational knowledge and staying up to date with modern cooking methods, latest technology and a deep understanding of the industry, puts us in the best position to design the perfect kitchen, bar or even whole Back of House areas for you.

Often forgotten or not being addressed by either party, is the ‘overlay design’ between food service installers, architects and interior designers to ensure not only function but also beauty.

kitchen restaurant & bar design


Complete Kitchen & Bar Design

Our knowledge of operational needs, interactions between spaces, efficiencies of kitchens and bars, as well as being able to work with operators and interior designers on operational flow is your benefit.

We provide:

A link between owners, operators, architects and interior designers to ensure the most financial effectiveness in both labor and equipment while ensuring your desired concept can be delivered.

  1. A set of Auto-Cad drawings with recommended market relevant equipment specifications
  2. A full set of MEP detailed drawings
  3. Local food / health code compliance
  4. Bid reviews

If required, we can also do a handover process for all equipment to ensure that what is being installed is both the correct spec, in its right place and works as it should


Current or planned Kitchen/Bar Evaluation



If you already have a food service consultant and just want to make sure that what you are signing off on is the most cost and labor efficient space you can build, we are happy to review for you.

We offer:
  • A full review of all drawings, seeking to understand the goals
  • Work sessions with current designers, consultant, and architects to champion improvements, if needed
  • Recommendations on layout improvements
  • Equipment specifications, VE possibilities and more.