Selecting bespoke
OS&E for all your
Food & Beverage needs

Since each project is unique we consider financial, operational and design goals before curating a befitting selection.



We curate a bespoke and complete selection of OS&E based on your concepts, designs and budgets.

Once we understand the vision of your concept, budget, interior design, and operational requirements, we set out to curate a look book.

The bespoke selection we present in our look book, will meet both the aesthetic and the functional needs your project. The look book is followed by the creation of a master specification list, giving you clear understanding of all the items needed and how they fit into your budget.

We will adapt our list to be compatible with your procurement agent if you have one, and we will work with them to avoid any possible errors and if need be find alternatives.

“Beauty is found in the details”

OS&E Selection


Some of the not so simple
questions we answer for you.

  1. Are your plates, cups, glasses, flatware etc concept appropriate?
  2. Do your chefs to have the pots & pans they need to do the job?
  3. Does your team have what they need to operate, without having tons of “attic stock”?


OS&E Concept/Direction

Years of experience creating relevant lists and coordinating with procurement companies means, a flawless execution is our specialty. Our access to  manufacturers big and small globally allows us to generate customized selections, helping you to bring the intended concept/vision of the concept/spaces to life.

We recommend colors, shapes, and brands to ensure that just that happens, while specifying  operational appropriate quantities based on actual seat/table counts.